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 Image of Ian Williams in Arrow racing kart  Image of Ian Williams in Arrow AX6 superkart   
Introduction  ....  a bit about us
We are dedicated 2-stroke engine tuning specialists. With Ian Williams having over 45 years experience, following on  from his late father Bob Williams with 20 years before that, our history
spans from the BSA Bantam to today's high technology.  Ian has raced motocross motorcycles and bitumen and dirt karts from a very young age, and today still keeps karting in both the sprint
kart classes and the very fast Superkarts. 
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We are located 2 miles north-west of Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia. 

Shop/warehouse address is .......  79 Torrens Road, Brompton, South Australia.
Telephone within Australia   08  8340 9288 ,  and Fax  08 8340 9277
Shop hours 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, Thursday nights till 9pm, and 9am-4pm Saturday
And YES we are a real live shop,  we are actually available in-store 6 days a week to serve YOU.
And  YES we race what we sell on Sundays,  so don't phone on a Sunday !!


Image of MOTA 2 stroke engine dyno software title           
                 Image of MOTA 2 stroke engine dyno software CD and User Guide          MOTA version 6.30 for Windows
The world's leading 2-stroke engine simulation software now runs on your Windows PC.
MOTA version 6.30 is available on USB --  only AUD$255 incl freight and GST within Australia
                                       -- or exported to most countries.
is an engine simulation program suitable for everyone from the enthusiast to the university researcher - from the beginner racer to the professional tuner.
You can test your own engine and then re-test and compare your modifications - or build your ultimate engine right on the screen.

One of the features in MOTA is the ability to create and print Expansion Chamber sections, and this is also included in the MOTA demo that is downloadable for free. 
Not all of the functions are operable,  but enough so that even if you do not purchase MOTA you can still create printed patterns of cones and save you having to buy
other proprietary software to do this.   Download it here  ....... 
MOTA demo

We also now offer a simple 2 stroke expansion chamber design program.   Free download here

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               Read the
MOTA manual ...  here